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Danilo’s Man Day of the Week

I’m a digital marketing leader for the GORE-TEX(r) brand, so my day to day means I’m carrying a laptop, chargers, tablets, multiple phones and more. I often have to run between our plants, and travel about once a month, so this has become my carry on. But even in the evenings and weekends, when I’m just a daddy and husband. I pull out the laptop, and it still serves me for my off duty going about.

A key requirement for the “daddy” job is the ability to juggle and carry things while holding a toddler (or two). I love the simplicity and freedom of a messenger bag over a bookbag in that I can strap it across my back, and still pick up a toddler, and get on the road for soccer practices, family dinner, or weekend road trips.

This Danilo’s bag is lightweight, fits my laptop, tablet and other files, and also features pockets for phone, pens, key, and other knickknacks. Having already determined I loved the look, after using it for a few months, I can also say the bag holds up very well to the daily demands of the office and the roads.

For me, the style and look of the Danilo’s Leather Messenger Bag is pretty much all I need to know. There was no question I wanted one. The vintage looking brown leather, light brown contrasting straps and chrome hardware makes this the bag people notice, while still keeping that classic look that is now making a strong comeback.

Josue Sierra — Danilo’s Team



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