L. Banegas x Danilos

L. Banegas x Danilos

Danilos x Leticia Banegas

Danilos presents our capsule collection, "Our Community with Leticia Banegas.”

"The inspiration behind this collaboration with Danilos is based on my admiration for the beauty of honduran women, specifically in the city of San Pedro Sula. Sketching them with indigenous butterflies & flora was my main focus in order to exemplify their beauty and uniqueness."

- Leticia Banegas 

Muchacha de las flores - Danilos x L Banegas

Buildinng relationships through the art and talent of our people, and preserving our Honduran culture via these collaborations has been our mission for many years.

Danilos x L Banegas

As a company, it is important that this desire to consume what our country produces continues to generate pride, and that it unites us and encourages us to be more positive about what we are doing well because as we know, imperfections exist but with these collaborations we maintain a balance.

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Bolsos Danilos x L Banegas