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For over forty-five years, our leather products have been crafted in the heart of Honduras by skilled artisans. These expert craftsmen and women dedicate their lives to creating unique and functional pieces. With decades of training, they take pride in each product they make, ensuring that every item we offer to our customers is not only beautiful but also embodies the artistry and dedication of its makers

Our leathers

Pieles Danilos 

Our leathers are of the highest quality and meet or exceed sustainable practices throughout the tanning process and beyond. Water filtration and purification during tanning are achieved using energy co-generation. Our classic leather texture is soft to the touch, lending each bag a distinct and luxurious feel. The leather textures in our collection range from premium top-grain leathers with smoother surfaces to embossed or exotic types, depending on the part of the hide used and the specific designs envisioned for the new season’s campaign. Discover our new collection and enjoy a bag that is responsibly manufactured by skilled Honduran artisans