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Marcela x Danilos

Marcela x Danilos

Danilos presents "Un Jardín de Yojoa", a collection inspired by the jewels of our country in collaboration with @elarmariohn

The Inspiration Behind “Un Jardín de Yojoa”

"The inspiration behind my collaboration with Danilos is based on my love of nature. Recreating details of Honduran landscapes through my drawings (specifically their flora). These are influenced by one of the most beautiful lakes of Honduras; Lago de Yojoa."
- Marcela Zapaca from "El Armariohn"

Inspirational Elements

Moodboard Marcela x Danilos

Mano de León (Philadendro sellum)

La Mano de León is a plant used as an ornament due to its beautiful and unique green vine-like leaves. She lives in warm areas with cool temperatures like Lake Yojoa, Honduras.
Mano de León - Marcela x Danilos

Ave del paraíso (Heliconia)

The inspiration behind our leather tag Heliconia, designed in the shape of the Ave del Paraiso is that this plant attracts the hummingbird, due to its red, yellow and orange flowers, thus helping the pollination of its kind as they collect nectar via their. unique and perfectly shaped beak.

Ave del Paraíso Heliconia - Marcela x Danilos

We have collaborated with Marcela Zacapa to create designs inspired by our local Flora & Fauna. Designing the Mano de Leon and Heliconia blade as fine complements to leather accessories.

Llaveros Marcela x Danilos