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It feels desperately alone

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Ties That Bind Us

Ties That Bind Us

When we complete a collection, seasonal campaign, or return from a major fashion event, as a common practice our mother reminds us of our father’s dream:

“Magda, I want every person to feel proud of owning Danilos products, and know that our company’s quality is equal to or greater than any major brand in the world.”


 We continue to support and believe in our country’s resources, products, and most importantly, our people and over the years, we’ve had the great honor of receiving heartfelt stories from many customers and share them with our team. This year, we decided (with our customer permission, of course) to share some of these stories with you; our customers.


The inspiration behind this capsule comes from all the acts of kindness and wonderful tokens or valuable heirlooms handed down from one generation to another.

Ensuring that these moments of joy and sadness do not go unnoticed and that over time some of these tangible things we value are also passed on to our loved ones was our focus with this capsule.

Today we celebrate one of these special stories of heirlooms passed on to younger generations.

Mrs. Johnson believed that her bags (purchased in our Danilos stores over decades) were a family heirloom, valuable enough to be passed on to her generations. Her niece decided to share this story, and we honor and thank her by naming one of our favorite Danilos Bags with her name for this season’s collection. Enjoy!
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