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Underneath Honduran Skies

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The Spring-Summer 2022 campaign celebrates lifestyle and human connection through moments of joy, camaraderie, and creativity within our unique handcrafted items. This collection uses eco-friendly materials in its construction: responsibly made leathers and natural fibers with sun-infused tones and soft pastels that offer unmatched depth and vibrancy. These tried-and-true materials create products that feel nostalgic yet remain within the realm of contemporary fashion. The collection also includes versatile bucket bags, generous-sized and structured top handle bags that are perfect for a beach day, & smaller accessories for a special night out.

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Underneath Honduran Skies

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With this new collection, Danilos ensures that the artisan culture of handwoven natural fibers remains alive and relevant, bonding past and future generations through our products. Developed over the past 10 years in collaboration with the artisan community of Ceguaca, Santa Bárbara, the collection is inspired by some of our best-seller designs of past collections.
The vision and inspiration behind this collaboration is to showcase a unique Honduran product fusing two independent specialties: the artisan work of handwoven fibers and expertly handcrafted leather goods. This allows Danilos to support and bring awareness to the breathtaking artistry and culture of Honduran hand woven natural fibers and fuse it with the beauty and timeless designs of our leather handbags. These artisans have been part of the Honduran culture for decades, and honoring their artistic and cultural contributions is a privilege for us.


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Danilos close relationship with the artisans of Ceguaca began more than seven years ago and an unparalleled connection has been achieved that is reflected in each of the pieces in our collection.

An Authentic Collaboration

“When you work with a community like the Santa Barbara weavers, you need time to build a connection of trust and mutual respect. You need to know and understand how to adopt their designs and their way of working to successfully achieve an authentic and meaningful collaboration”.


Raquel Martinez - Brand Director

Underneath Honduran Skies

Currency of Transactions
Danilos has also been a source of economic support to the Santa Barbara community throughout the years by consistently providing its artisans with job opportunities. The jobs we provided have allowed growth in raw material production and employment numbers, and continue to strengthen the local Santa Barbara economy and therefore the national economy.

Underneath Honduran Skies Lookbook

Underneath Honduran Skies

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